Euro Summer School
Observation and Data reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer

4-16 June 2006, Goutelas (France)
EUROPEAN HIGH LEVEL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Supported by EC contract n° MSCF-CT-2005 - 029954

Application to the School

Application to the school will be opened in January 2006. The deadline for submitting an application is 31 March 2006.

The school is opened to a maximum of 50 participants from any country and any nationality. However since, the school is mainly sponsored by the European Union, the selection of the attendants will be based on the following criteria:

We also expect to cover as much as possible the financial cost for all European participants (housing and travel) by requesting support from European institutions (ESO, ESA,...) and various institutes within Europe so that the availability of financial resources at a given institute does not impact the participation to the school.

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Scientific Activity

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Interferometric skills
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Miscellaneous information

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