Euro Summer School
Observation and Data reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer

4-16 June 2006, Goutelas (France)
EUROPEAN HIGH LEVEL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Supported by EC contract n° MSCF-CT-2005 - 029954

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PDF - 90.3 kb
MIDI observations of the young eruptive star V1647 Ori
A. Kóspál
PDF - 108.4 kb
Does a Radius Measurement from Interferometry Complement Oscillation Frequencies?
O.L. Creevey
PDF - 410.8 kb
Studying "elusive" AGN and modelling the near-infrared FeII emission of NLSy1s
A. Garcia Rissmann
PDF - 73.8 kb
Magnetic cataclysmic variables
B. Kalomeni
PDF - 75.3 kb
Optical spectro-imaging observations of the RY Tau jet
V. Agra-Amboage
PDF - 186.4 kb
Two-layer modelling of the circumstellar environment of Pi1 Gru with the VLTI-AMBER
S. Sacuto
PDF - 42.3 kb
Interferometric Visibility Computations - An IDL software tool for interferometry simulations and model fitting
G. Li Causi
PDF - 53.3 kb
The circumbinary disc around the J-type C-star IRAS 18006-3213
P. Deroo
PDF - 312.6 kb
Keplerian disks around binary post-AGB
C. Gielen
PDF - 688.5 kb
T. Betelgeuse
PDF - 98 kb
Accurate fundamental parameters of Lower Main Sequence stars
L. Casagrande
PDF - 129.5 kb
The true surface mass density of cold dark matter halos
J. Holopainen
PDF - 2.7 Mb
A laboratory analog of the Michelson stellar interferometer
K. Gazeas
PDF - 309.6 kb
Inner and Outer Disks around Young Stars
J. Patience
PDF - 176.1 kb
Microjet candidates in Rho Oph molecular cloud
T. Khanzadyan
PDF - 869.7 kb
Lyman α emitting galaxy at redshift z = 7 and its implications for cosmic reionization
K. Ota
PDF - 151.8 kb
GRAVITY : General Relativity Analysis via VLT Interferometry
X. Hautbois
PDF - 38 kb
10μm Interferometry of the Disk and Wind of the Massive Young Star MWC 349A
S. Albrecht
PDF - 206.4 kb
Imaging Chi Cyg with IOTA
S. Lacour
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Detection of gaps in protoplanetary disks with PEGASE and DARWIN
E. Herwats
PDF - 838.8 kb
What is the closest black-hole to the Sun?
C. Foellmi

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Poster from Everton Ludke