Euro Summer School
Observation and Data reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer

4-16 June 2006, Goutelas (France)
EUROPEAN HIGH LEVEL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Supported by EC contract n° MSCF-CT-2005 - 029954

Observing proposals


These presentations are the result of the personal projects of the participants for the school. The goal was to go through the overall observation preparation procedure following the instructions "Preparation of an observing projects".

PDF - 192.2 kb
Parsamian 21: MIDI observations of an edge-on FUor disc
A. Kospal
PDF - 590.7 kb
Atmospheric scale heights of red giants probed with Amber
T. Verhoelst, P. Deroo, C. Gielen
PDF - 162.8 kb
FS CMa with interferometer
D. Korcakova, B. Kalomeni
PDF - 396.2 kb
Circumstellar discs around Herbig Ae/Be stars: verifying self-shadowing models by correlating AMBER and MIDI observations
D. Coffey, G. Meeus, R. Smith, V. Agra-Amboage
PDF - 309.1 kb
Observation of the Intrinsic S-type star Z ANT with VLTI/ MIDI
S. Sacuto, S. Bensammar
PDF - 4.1 Mb
Studying K-dwarf star - Radius and Binarity measurements
L. Casagrande, K. Gazeas
PDF - 888.1 kb
Intimacy of MWCxxx with AMBER
J. Holopainen, S. Albrecht, X. Bonfils
PDF - 937.5 kb
OH 231.8+4.2, suspected but not resolved binary system
I. de Gregorio Monsalvo et al.
PDF - 17.6 Mb
Studying the HI emission region around YSO NGC2024-IRS2
S. Antoniucci, G. Li Causi, S. Vehoff
PDF - 1.7 Mb
How do inner disk dust properties vary with mass and age?
J. Patience, A. Carmona, E. Herwats, K. Shabun
PDF - 267.4 kb
Determination of the Torus Size in Cen A
L. Slavcheva-Mihova, A. Garcia Rissmann
PDF - 751.6 kb
Probing stellar structure and evolution models of evolved stars using seismology
O. Creevey, M. Hartung , A. Kreplin
PDF - 331.5 kb
ESO219-024 (IRAS13025-4911), a Seyfert II Galaxy SBc(B)
E. Ludke, K. Ota
PDF - 1.8 Mb
Wind structure of black-hole progenitors
C. Foellmi
PDF - 623.9 kb
Confusion limit in the Galactic Center
S. Lacour, X. Haubois