Euro Summer School
Observation and Data reduction with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer

4-16 June 2006, Goutelas (France)
EUROPEAN HIGH LEVEL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, Supported by EC contract n° MSCF-CT-2005 - 029954

Manuals and tutorials for Practice Sessions

Here you will find data files and user manuals relevant to the practice sessions.

ASPRO observation preparation software

PDF - 1.7 Mb
Aspro User Manual
TGZ - 309.6 kb
Material for PW sessions 1 and 2
compressed tar file of all files used in PWS 1 and 2
PDF - 1010.1 kb
SearchCAl draft accepted for A&A
This is the science paper associated to the SearchCal utility. Although this version is not the final one, it gives an idea of the science behind the scene

Script to install the goutelas software on your Computer

This script will work only at goutelas, so use it before friday Noon. You need a computer on the goutelas internal network (if you see this page this is the case).
Retrieve it
unzip it
type "chmod +x InstallGoutelas"
run it.
Follow the instructions.

The script:

Zip - 952 bytes
script to install the goutelas software

ESO instrument manuals

-  AMBER manual
-  MIDI manual

Data reduction manuals

-  MIDI software tutorial: